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Woman Needs Neck Surgery After Seeing A Chiropractor

neck surgeryHe Trusted The Doctor

Below is a review from a husband who sent his wife into our office for neck pain after she fell.  He had been a patient in our office and he trusted we could help his wife.  After seeing his wife, Dr. Denke determined she was not a candidate for spinal manipulation and needed an MRI for further assessment.

Abnormal MRI

After receiving the MRI Dr. Denke immediately noted severe degenerative disc and she would unfortunately need to have surgery.  Had this patient been mismanaged or not had a proper exam and MRI, she could have suffered permanent nerve damage or worse.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Being a Doctor of Chiropractic is not just about “cracking” someones neck and back.  It’s about being a Doctor first.  This is where some Chiropractors get a bad rap.  They just want to adjust the patient and move on.  But being a Doctor means using knowledge, consulting with patients, thoroughly examining patients, and providing the best treatment options available, even if its not Chiropractic treatment.  That is what Select Spine & Sports Medicine is all about.  Quality first.

Please read Mr. Aldridge’s review linked below, as it gives us happiness to report his wife is doing well today.