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The Power Shot is a special blend of LipoB, B-Complex, B12 and the Tri Amino Acid Blend. The lipotropic compounds that are used to aid in transporting fat and removing it from the body. B-Complex vitamins include the family of ‘B’ vitamins which help with deficiencies, mood, depression and fogginess. Vitamin B12 injections help to improve energy levels, boost metabolism and help burn fat. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which are required to build strong and healthy skeletal muscles.

What are the benefits of The Power Shot?

  • Weight Loss
  • Energy Boost
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Improves fatigue
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Enhances Mood
  • Helps regulate sleep
  • Improve anxiety and depression
  • Improves memory and feelings of being “foggy”