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Your Chiropractor in Friendswood, TX

Do you have back pain? Joint pain? Do you want to just wake up and feel rested? Whether you have discomfort or just want to feel better, our Chiropractor in Friendswood can help you!

You don’t have to be a high-performance athlete or have suffered an injury to need regular chiropractic care. Even simple, daily activities can stress your spinal joints. Because your body is a complex and highly connected system, getting regular adjustments can maximize your well-being. And we can help!

Select Spine & Sports Medicine provides care to people in all walks of life. Whether you play sports or play with your kids, our chiropractic services can treat your pain and enhance your quality of life. No need to get out of the game: we can keep you in shape to enjoy your life, pain-free!


Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic care provides non-invasive, hands-on care. We use manual processes to expertly and effectively provide adjustments. Our Chiropractors in Friendswood are specially trained to assess and treat issues with your spine and extremities. After a thorough exam, our doctors will explain your diagnosis and outline your treatment options.

Have you ever gone to the chiropractor and been seen for five minutes? Some chiropractic offices will treat hundreds of patients in a day. We have a different value system. Our care is highly personalized, with attentive staff and professional services. We don’t just treat your symptoms, we get to the root cause and provide a partnership that results in your recovery and optimal wellness. Our goal is not for you to have to come in once a week forever. Instead, our Chiropractors in Friendswood aim to help your body heal as quickly as possible so that we gain the trust of you and the community.  Our business survives through the satisfaction of our patients and their referrals back to us, not telling someone to come in once a week forever.

Want to know if one of our Chiropractors in Friendswood is right for you? Give us a call and our friendly staff will answer all of your questions!

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Chiropractic Benefits

There are numerous ways that regular chiropractic care can improve your health! You don’t have to have an injury or be an athlete to benefit from adjustments. 

Did you know...

  • Chiropractic care helps with chronic neck pain, known as cervicalgia.
  • Chiropractic care can help heal (not just relieve) multiple causes of lower back pain.
  • Regular chiropractic adjustments treat muscular pain, known as myofascial pain.
  • Chiropractic adjustment can provide relief from chronic headaches.

Want to know if your condition is treatable through chiropractic care? 

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Your First Visit to the Chiropractor in Friendswood

Is this all new to you? Our professional and friendly staff will help you every step of the way. But just so you can feel prepared, here is what you will expect on your first visit to the chiropractor.

After you book an appointment online or call us at 281-993-2122, you will come to our office at: 1305 W. Parkwood Ave. Ste 101. Friendswood, TX 77546

  1. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and shoes, if you can.
  2. You will fill out intake forms to help us understand your medical history and any conditions or complaints.
  3. You will meet with your Chiropractor, who will get to know you and assess your physical state.
  4. One of the doctors will help you understand the best course of treatment for you. They may order tests and suggest a course of treatment options.

Treatment may start on the first visit. If so, here is what a typical chiropractic adjustment could be like:

  • You may lie or sit on a specialized table.
  • The chiropractor will move certain parts of your body to their maximum range, giving an extra push to adjust that body part.
  • You may hear a popping or cracking sound, which is normal and okay.
  • The adjustment will not hurt. In fact, you may experience immediate relief.

After treatment, one of the doctors may recommend ice, heat or massage to follow-up on your adjustment. It’s helpful to drink plenty of water after treatment. They may also give you some stretches or other recommendations to prolong the positive results of your adjustment.

Professional Chiropractic Care in Friendswood, TX

New to chiropractic care? If you are searching for a “chiropractor near me” in Friendswood, rest assured that this practice represents the highest standards of professionalism and care. 

Chiropractors have to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, pass a national board exam and hold a state license. There are ongoing requirements to maintain licensing. This intensive study and credentialing ensures that you are getting the best care.

Our Chiropractors are professional and experienced caregivers. They have offered outstanding chiropractic care to patients in Friendswood, Texas and surrounding areas for many years now. In addition to their regular services, they are heavily invested in all aspects of patient health and well-being. Their practice is consistently informed and improved by the latest research and rehabilitation treatments. 

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Chiropractic and Other Services

In addition to our outstanding chiropractic services, we provide our patients with a range of services that include:

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